GS Trophy Blog: James Berrill


GS Trophy Blog: James Berrill


This week we're following our customer James Berrill in the GS Trophy. He's written a blog entry for us to tell us about his day and how he's getting on…(to find out more about James and the GS Trophy, click here).

Day 1 of the GS Trophy:

“What can I say, I am worn out!! We started riding this morning at 4am and I’ve just finished the day at 5pm. The ride was incredible though: I’ve seen about 300 elephants and a baby elephant came up to me and SNEEZED in my face!! Not many people can say that now can they? I figure it must be lucky, you know - like when a bird poos on you?

Anyway – today was really really hard. We had to carry our bikes over a broken bridge which had buffalo underneath it. So that was pretty hairy! The scenery is just incredible though –I love riding through such an amazing country. I also shared my lunch with a dog! Off to briefing now to find out our scores so far. Wish me luck!”

As part of the GS Trophy, there's a photo competition which if won, goes towards points for the winning team. James has put forward a great action photo of him and the other two team members riding into a river. To help James and the other team members in the GS Tropy you can get involved and vote for that photo on the following website:

Points mean prizes and the outcome can really make a difference to the overall rankings. So don't delay, vote today at from 16.00 (CET) today to 10.00 (CET) Tuesday. Do it for the UK team!

Day 2 of the GS Trophy:

"We've had a really good day. Temperatures are still soaring but we covered less distance today and had a (much welcomed) shorter day. We spent the morning travelling through jungle and high 5-ing kids on the back of pick-ups. We rode to a school this afternoon and BMW gave all the children presents. The kids were amazing & so happy, it was great!

We're having the time of our lives here! My team are fairly consistent which has helped us stay in 2nd place although we dropped a few points on the questions set today which is a shame. I've noticed how some of the other teams are getting a bit stressed which obviously isn't good for morale or progress but because our lads are enjoying it so much it helps us to be more relaxed and I think it's helping us do better! Hopefully we can keep near the top and not feel too much pressure....time will tell!

Above all this is an unreal experience and if I could never ride again after this it would have been worth it."

GS Trophy update day 3...

"First of all I want to thank everybody for their votes on the picture comp. The team really appreciate it. UK got 589 and the winning team got 2800!! But never fear; there's another picture comp tomorrow so lots more time to vote and help our boys. We had a very tough day today covering around 280km with spectacular views and great trails but not great results in the special stages which mean that Team UK are down to 4th. We're pretty exhausted today and probably feeling a bit low now but not even half way through yet so we can still turn things around.

In my bio I said I’m not looking forward to the spiders…Well today I saw a spider the size of a dinner plate!! Whilst everyone was taking pictures of it I just got on my bike and rode off at about 300mph!! Anyway, tomorrow there's 4 special stages so plenty of chance to catch up we're paired with the Germans....bring it on!"

GS Trophy update day 6...

" 6 and we’re currently in 3rd place. Our team were paired up with the leaders South Africa and we were determined to close the gap on them. Today's ride was the toughest yet, in 37 degree heat - mainly through jungle and horrendously challenging terrain, with lots of hill climbs and rocky paths. The first test was a towing challenge which was completed with ease by our lads and 2nd place Germany. Leaders South Africa messed up big time and failed this task...great news for us!!

The next challenge which suited me down to the ground - a mechanical one; changing 3 wheels as fast as poss. My wife said “Funny how you can do this in sweltering conditions with your eyes shut but you can't cope with putting our daughters hair in a bunch!!” HA!

Team UK smashed this challenge which left us in a brilliant position for the overall day's points. Then huge controversy when they all got the news that the towing test scores had been cancelled, apparently due to some of the teams not managing to complete it (surely that's the price you pay?)meaning UK and Germany lost out big time and South Africa remain top despite failing the task. Needless to say me and the boys were pretty are! it stands we're still in the same positions...but this issue remains very much unresolved as far as I’m concerned day tomorrow!!"

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